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Energy Technologies

The integration of plastic injection molded parts within green energy technologies, such as electric car charging stations, underscores a pivotal step toward sustainable transportation infrastructure. Through precision injection molding processes, these meticulously engineered components offer several vital advantages in the realm of electric vehicle (EV) charging. Their durability, lightweight design, and resistance to environmental factors make them ideal for outdoor installations, ensuring reliable operation despite varying weather conditions. Plastic parts’ versatility allows for the creation of streamlined and aesthetically pleasing charging station designs that can blend seamlessly into urban landscapes. Furthermore, their excellent insulation properties contribute to electrical safety while enabling the integration of advanced technologies like touch screens and RFID systems for user convenience. By incorporating plastic injection molded parts, electric car charging stations exemplify how innovation in material science can synergize with green energy initiatives, shaping a more sustainable and efficient future for transportation.

Customer Reviews

  • Beratek has an exciting business model. They have services that cover the entire needs of bringing a plastic product to market (including industrial design, engineering, prototyping, tooling, injection molding, assembly and fulfillment) and are approachable as a small/start-up business. I truly don’t think you’d find another company like them in the US

    Tom Lutz
    Founder of Repour
  • Our company has been working with BeraTek since 2015. It is challenging to find a company that will work with small businesses and offers competitive price points. BeraTek can work with any company, large or small with full turnkey or a la carte services including CAD design, prototyping, 3D printing, and manufacturing services in-house. BeraTek provides extraordinary service

    Carlton S.
    AutoBrake Inventor
  • Manufacturing in the US was very important to us, which is what initially led us to BeraTek. From their competitive pricing to their in-house engineers walking us through the DFM process, we couldn’t have had a more positive experience working with BeraTek.

    Nick Fragnito
    Co-Founder of Radical Transport
  • Simply put, I approached BeraTek with a dream, and they made it a reality. Not only did they help turn 4more into a professional looking product, they also helped me understand the process from beginning to end. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without them.

    Jeremy Huisman
    Founder of 4MORE
  • When I first decided to launch Shampoo Buddy, trying to find the right manufacturing partner was daunting. I knew it would be difficult to find a trustworthy partner abroad, but I didn’t think I could afford to manufacture in the USA and still have a viable product. I was thrilled to find BeraTek when I learned that not only could they offer me a competitive manufacturing price, but they could also provide assembly and order fulfillment services as well.

    Tiffany Platt
    Founder of Shampoo Buddy
  • Since we met the BeraTek team at an industry trade show, they have become essential partners to our business. Despite many high’s and low’s that come with new product development, BeraTek worked hard to help us create an excellent product, and their transparency and communication throughout the process gave us comfort. We are very happy with the end result and look forward to a longstanding partnership.

    Becca Davison
    Co-Founder of UnbuckleMe
  • The dedicated team at BeraTek helped bring our ideas to life. Having a partner who could support our company throughout the entire process allowed us to be ultra-efficient while still manufacturing a cutting-edge, high-quality product.

    Ben McDougal
    Co-Founder of FliteBrite
  • BeraTek was incredibly helpful when we decided to build new injection molds for our products… They not only built quality machines for us, but they guided us in the right direction along the way and helped to ensure that our tools would be as efficient as possible, which brought a tremendous amount of value to the overall product development process.

    Quedon Ball
    RSS Medical Distributors
  • We love when we get an opportunity to work with the team at BeraTek Industries! Lil’ Sidekick utilizes a variety of services from BeraTek including product design, 3d prototyping, as well as creating and modifying our injection mold tooling. Their amazing team goes above and beyond to meet our crazy, last minute deadlines, as well as works with us to create a budget-friendly solution with great results.

    Amy Vohs
    Founder of Lil’ Sidekick

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