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Why BeraTek For Prototyping?

Our product design and engineering team will work directly with you to help chose the best method for prototyping your product. In-house prototyping services allow us to be responsive to the feedback you receive after testing and reviewing your prototype. Our team will work with you on recommended design changes to keep you moving forward on to the next step in the manufacturing process.

Prototyping BeraTek Offers

3D Printing 

Cost effective and quickest way to obtain a three-dimensional form of a product.

Urethane Casting 

Urethane casting is the process of creating a silicone mold of your product design and casting urethane material to yield a production equivalent part.

CNC Machining

Ideal for metal prototypes in small quantities.

Proprietary Prototype Injection Molding

Recommended for low volume, production quality parts. Assuming 3D printing doesn’t suffice to meet the functional requirements of your part, BeraTek has developed a proprietary prototype molding technique that offers a reasonably priced mold designed to produce a few hundred parts.