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Shampoo Buddy
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Client Review

“When I first decided to launch Shampoo Buddy, trying to find the right manufacturing partner was daunting. I knew it would be difficult to find a trustworthy partner abroad, but I didn’t think I could afford to manufacture in the USA and still have a viable product. I was thrilled to find BeraTek when I learned that not only could they offer me a competitive manufacturing price, but they could also provide assembly and order fulfillment services as well.”

-Tiffany Platt, Shampoo Buddy

Project Description

Shampoo Buddy was founded by a talented engineer so our role on this project was primarily manufacturing. After a successful Kickstarter campaign facilitated by the Shampoo Buddy team, our team dove head first into optimizing each part for manufacturing. We produced two plastic injection molds, manufactured all plastic components, assembled all parts into a final assembly, packaged and warehoused WIP & finished goods and fulfilled product to the end customer. Today Shampoo Buddy is gaining steam and identifying some interesting niche customers not anticipated at the start of the project.