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KZA Lipstick Tube

KZA Lipstick Tube
ProductKZA Lipstick Tube

Client Review

“When I started developing my product I had a clear vision of what I wanted it to look like. I had several other companies tell me I couldn’t produce it in specific designs or colors. I’m so glad I found BeraTek. They allowed me to produce my product exactly as I envisioned it. BeraTek provided solutions where others simply said no.

The biggest thing for me was that BeraTek worked with me to bring my vision to life. Everybody else said I couldn’t have a gold tube. BeraTek found a way to make it happen and have been extremely helpful along the way. They even provided contacts in other industries to help me develop my product.”

-Kelsi Ziemann, Founder of KZA

Project Description

Kelsi presented us with an innovative take on a lipstick tube set to change the way lipstick/lip liner are purchased. We worked with KZA to develop & manufacture a lipstick tube designed to capture a common lip liner. Shopping for that perfect lip liner to match your lipstick has just gotten that much easier. KZA sells lipstick and lip liner bundled to simplify the way you shop and to ensure that perfect match everytime.