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ProductYeti Colster Adapter

Client Review

“Simply put, I approached Beratek with a dream, and they made it a reality.  Not only did they help turn 4more into a professional looking product, they also helped me understand the process from beginning to end.  I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without them.” 

-Jeremy Huisman, 4MORE

Project Description

The 4MORE team approached us a bit father down the line than we often see. Thy had been 3D printing and successfully selling their product through Amazon for some time. As demand continued to increase and max daily capacity on the 3D printer still wasn’t enough supply, 4MORE decided to take the leap into a production mold to not only improve the product aesthetics, but most importantly increase product supply. Our team made some slight adjustments to optimize the part for injection molding before chipping away steel on a production tool. Today, the 4MORE adapter is a polished product sold heavily through Amazon with a wide array of color offerings. For those of you wanting to keep a 16oz can cold, 4MORE has the perfect adapter for your Yeti Colster!