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Plastic Injection Tooling

Proprietary Prototype Injection Tooling

Recommended for low volume, production quality parts. Assuming 3D printing doesn’t suffice to meet the functional requirements of your part, BeraTek has developed a proprietary prototype molding technique that offers a reasonably priced mold designed to produce a few hundred parts.

Production Tooling

A dedicated mold with the maximum number of cavities to optimize the piece part cost and cycle time/unit in the press.

Master Unit Die (MUD) Base Tooling

MUD base tooling sits right in the middle of the tooling cost spectrum and is often viewed as a hybrid of the two above options. MUD Base tooling reduces your up-front tooling investment while maintaining a production equivalent per unit cost.

Offshore Tooling

BeraTek is fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with a partner company in Guangdong, China. We are often faced with scenarios where price is the driving force behind a given project. In effort to reduce upfront tooling investment, we often consider offshore tooling options to obtain a production or MUD Base tool more economically.

Mold Repair

Do you have molds laying around the facility in need of some TLC? Send them to us and our experienced machine shop will service the mold, address any wear items and send back a production-ready mold!