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There are many options to meet your design, manufacturing, and distributing needs so why should you choose BeraTek Industries? Lots of reasons, but mainly because we build strong relationships with our customers and have a unique and efficient process to get you from idea to product.

VerTEKally IntegratedVerTEKally Integrated

BeraTek Industries has developed a vertically integrated system that improves our efficiency and communication between front office operations and the manufacturing floor. This strategy is truly what sets us apart from our competitors. We possess a portfolio of expertise in just about every step of the product development cycle. From a staff of industrial designers ready to nail the aesthetics of your product to a capable machine shop prepared to chip away steel on a mold designed for your product. Our team can take your initial idea and help guide it through the processes of industrial design, engineering, prototyping, mold manufacturing, production, all the way to the shipment of the product to retailers and/or direct to your consumer.

Been There, Done That

Storage TheorySo they often say “you talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”, our response to that is confidently, “yes”. We have developed, manufactured and marketed a portfolio of our own internal consumer products sold through two brands, Storage Theory and CleverToT. It is through our own experiences with the product development cycle that motivated us to create a simplified solution to designing, manufacturing and marketing a product. We initially set out to solely manufacturing and sell our own innovative products and spend all of our efforts growing our consumer product brands. However, it didn’t take long for us to identify a host of people just like us struggling to assemble the pieces necessary to design, manufacture, and sell a product. This quickly motivated us to fill a need in the marketplace and ultimately share the resources we’ve built to support our own product brands. While we still heavily focus on the development of our own products, we are excited to extend an arm to companies small and large looking to streamline the pathway of getting new products to market.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Expertise

DFM (or lack thereof) is by far the most commonly overlooked piece of the product development process. All too often I receive 3D CAD files from prospective clients who have been told their product is ready for manufacturing only for me to take on the less than ideal job of politely letting them know, their product is FAR from manufacturable. More times than not, the lead engineer on a new product design does not entirely understand the desired manufacturing process. As a byproduct the client who is now married to their design, loves the prototype and is ready to jump into production has to take a few steps back and reevaluate design to optimize the part for manufacturing. We take a bit of a different approach at BeraTek. Our entire engineering team has a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process and designs all components for manufacturability from the start. I guess you can consider this a fortunate result of manufacturing and designing under one roof. Our design engineers also design the molds that produce the final part. This allows them to glance into the future and identify any potential limitations that might exist when manufacturing a given design. Our team will ensure your part is manufacturable before ever presenting you with the initial design. This way you fall in love with a manufacturable product the first time!


No Red Tape!

In the grand scheme of things, BeraTek is still a family owned, small town, genuine engineering & manufacturing company in Cedar Rapids, IA. We actively eliminate all the red tape and make the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. We are accessible and attentive to any and all of your requests, we are the “respond within the hour” kind of group and not the “respond within the week”. We take your business seriously and prioritize customer service as our number one focus. We understand the importance of setting honest expectations and delivering on them. Give us a whirl on your next project and I assure you, you’ll enjoy the experience!

Contact us today at info@beratek-industries.com to get started on your next big idea!

Authored by Ethan Davidson, Director of Business Development at BeraTek Industries.

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