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Vertical (VerTEKal) Integration is New Standard for Manufacturing

BeraTek Industries is paving the road to a new standard in manufacturing. As a product design and manufacturing company, BeraTek’s strategy is to offer all services under one roof and to increase speed to market for new products. It is our goal to help companies reduce the risk of manufacturing and launching new products by offering vertically (verTEKally) integrated expertise in design, prototyping, manufacturing and direct to consumer marketing/selling.

Vertical (VerTEKal) IntegrationSo, what is vertical integration? Vertical integration is defined by Investopedia as a strategy where a company expands its business operations into different steps on the same production path, such as when a manufacturer owns its supplier and/or distributor.

I knew from the day I opened the doors at BeraTek that I wanted our clients to have an exceptional experience developing their idea into a product. any companies offer a few of the services in the manufacturing mix while outsourcing several key steps. My vision was to be a total solutions provider, offering all services—vertically (verTEKally) integrating— in our Iowa based facility.

I know firsthand from designing my own products- such as VuSee and Power Perch– the importance of designing a product with manufacturing in mind. All too often do clients come to us with a CAD drawing and think they are ready to start building a mold. Unfortunately, a majority of the CAD files we receive from outside designers are not designed for manufacturing and the cost of producing the product in its current state is well beyond their budget.

Our goal at BeraTek is to work with a client from the beginning of a project when they are in still within the idea phase. We consult with our valued clients in order to create the product design (CAD drawing) and ensure their product is designed for cost-effective manufacturing. Having our engineers, industrial designers and machinists together onsite gives BeraTek an advantage over our competitors. Our team can troubleshoot and correct any potential problems with a design or mold quickly and cost-effectively…all without leaving the building.

BeraTek’s vertically (VerTEKally) integrated services include Product Design & Engineering, Prototyping, Manufacturing & Assembly, Distribution, Warehousing & Fulfillment and Digital Marketing. We offer consultation for any of our services free of charge.

If you have an idea and would like to bring a product to market, contact us today at info@beratek-industries.com.

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